Who or what is an Eldo Web Design?

Eldo Web Design is a web design and development company in the lovely little seaside town of Lee on Solent, Hampshire.

Our office is a stones throw from the beach, situated in Daedalus airfield. That's it up there, with the huts (the beach that is, not the office or airfield!).

We’re different - in a good way - and for the right reasons.

Oh, and if you were wondering Eldo is pronounced [el-doh]

Mission statement In a nutshell

We treat our clients like we do our friends. We're honest and upfront in every aspect of what we do. There's no 'sirs' or 'madams' and we can't remember the last time we wore a tie to work. We listen, actually listen, to you, and act on it.

We work with you, not for you. You know your niche and users better than anyone, and we know the web and what works - the perfect team right?

Location is just a word at Eldo Web Design. We work with clients across the UK and all over the world. It is the 'World Wide' Web after all. Think of us as your local web design company, wherever you are we are just a call/Skype/email/shout away.

We quite literally care about this stuff. It's as simple as that. We offer a personal, bespoke service to give you the perfect solution to your problems and needs. We know that you need this project for a reason, and that reason is our goal.

If you haven't already, check out our Services and Projects for some 'proof in the pudding' so to speak. Get in touch, we don't bite.

Meet the team

Scott Eldo

Scott 'Eldo'

Eldo was a teenage nickname, and it stuck. I've been building websites and doing all things nerdy since I was a kid. I grew up to the cries of "Scott, get off the internet, I need to use the phone!". I love a challenge, hate not knowing how to do something, and pride myself on my annoying desire to get everything right. Oh, and I think Taylor Swifts '1989' is a modern masterpiece and I don't care who knows it.

Designers Assemble

Designers Assemble!

Eldo Web Design has some of the coolest Web and Graphic Designers on the south coast as part of 'Team Eldo'. This gives us scope for any size project. It also means we offer so much more than Web Design. Check out our services for yourself.


The Eldo's

Family means a lot at Eldo Web Design and for everyone that works with and alongside us. My family don't design or code (my eight year old is learning though), but when a client tells you on a Friday afternoon that they need a new landing page by Monday morning... a supportive family definitely plays a part!

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