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    Everyone loves a pretty website. Animating elements, tantalising hover effects, full screen images and videos – they look great. BUT do they actually help your website achieve what it needs to achieve? To make it profitable in whatever currency you’re looking for, whether it be visits, signups, sales etc. I wanted to share some recent… Read more

    Eldo Web Design

    It’s been seven months since Eldo Web Design spread it’s wings as a full-time company. The best bit? It’s still going! That’s awesome right? It may be the lowest aiming goal I have but it’s the most important one. As I type I have signed up jobs to keep me working for a couple of months… Read more

    Eldo Web Design

    Can I have the keys to your shop/office/building/home? No? Well that’s unexpected. Just 24 hours after we met (online) you gave me access to your web site hosting, your website, your Facebook account and don’t forget your Google login so I could set up analytics. I may as well have the keys to your business… Read more

    Eldo Web Design - Web Design and Development

    It is the ‘World Wide Web’ after all. So, you’re based in London or Liverpool or Edinburgh, or anywhere for that matter and need a Web Design and Development company. You don’t need to just google companies based in your location – this limits your options. Lots of Web Design companies work across the UK and the world… Read more

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