We now accept Card Payments, offer Hosting for your website and have a new Client Portal for a perfect website!
We now accept Card Payments, offer Hosting for your website and have a new Client Portal for a perfect website!

We’re different (in a good way!) for the right reasons.

We treat our clients like we treat our friends...

We work with clients as close as two doors down, to around the other side of the world. It is the 'World Wide' Web after all. Wherever you are, we are just a call, Skype, email or shout away.

You know your niche and users better than anyone, and we know the web and what works - the perfect team right? We provide a personal, bespoke service to give you the perfect website.

Websites shouldn’t be soulless...

It’s our passion to make sure they're not. We don't provide 'off the shelf' themes and sites. We care about every pixel, every user and we love helping your business. We're honest, we speak from the heart driven by our experience.

Too many websites look the same, use the same themes, have no personality and weak branding. Businesses try to fit their message into predefined spaces that don't suit. We give your company the perfect website to get your message across.

Where the magic happens.

Our office is just a short walk from Lee-on-the-Solent beach, situated in (the former HMS) Daedalus airfield, Hampshire.

We love having clients visit for a cuppa (or meetings, of course) so come and see us - there's always a bag of Haribo at the ready!

Meet the team that make the magic happen...

Scott Eldridge


Director Web Designer Developer

Eldo was a teenage nickname and it stuck. Scott loves a challenge, hates not knowing how to do something and prides himself on his annoying desire to get everything just right. After building websites for well over a decade, he launched Eldo Web Design Full time and hasn't looked back since.

Nathan Lloyd


Web Designer Developer

Nathan is our resident Web Developer & Designer. Having built sites for large corporations and even celebrities, Nathan's experience speaks for itself. Always innovating and testing new technologies, he loves taking on new challenges and increasing his skillset.

Kelly Eldridge


Director Administrator Marketing

Kelly stops us from drowning in paperwork and admin, allowing the team to concentrate on the projects at hand. She will look after your invoices and schedule your meetings with us. Kelly keeps our social wheels turning when we are too busy to be posting what we had for lunch on Friday.

Everyone else

'La Familia'


Family means a lot for everyone at Eldo Web Design. Be it our partners, kids or pets - everyone has played their part in some way, allowing us to spend our hours playing with pixels creating magic for you, and we love them all for it!

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