UPDATE – OUR PLAYLIST IS NOW CLOSED. Thanks for all the submissions. We had great fun seeing and listening to what you all added. 93 songs submitted in total!

It’s Christmas Time! The time for presents, family, love and goodwill… and Christmas songs! We use Spotify all day here in the Eldo Web Design Office. There are arguments, slanderous comments, volume up and volume down, all day long.

So we thought we’d leave it up to you this holiday period!

Head over to our Music page and you can add your favourite Christmas track to our playlist which will then play out loud in our office!

We have been playing around with Webhooks and IFTTT and have built this very clever little form. You simply type your track name and artist name then hit the ‘Add’ button. The song will be matched by Spotify and added straight to the playlist. If you want to get into the nerdy stuff get in touch and we’ll happily explain more!

Add my Track

PS. We’re loving this idea so expect lots more fun next year. Fancy choosing the colour of our lights?

Scott Eldo

Written by Scott Eldo

Director, Web Designer and Full Stack Developer. I started Eldo Web Design as a freelancer from a desk in my house. Now as the team has grown and we build from our shiny office, would I change anything? Yes, I wish the team had better taste in music!