We now accept Card Payments, offer Hosting for your website and have a new Client Portal for a perfect website!
We now accept Card Payments, offer Hosting for your website and have a new Client Portal for a perfect website!

The internet doesn’t sleep and websites never switch off. The more you design and build, the more clients you work with, the more projects you get involved in… the more admin that inevitably comes with it.

In the last year our client base has expanded at a healthy rate. We still have our die-hard clients and our long-term partners but in the last twelve months we’ve picked up lots of shiny new ones too. Some in Hampshire, some overseas and one just 3 doors down in our building!

Every new client means a bit more of everything else…

Invoices, meetings, emails, calls, questions, tasks, hosting, domains and of course actual design and building of websites! Around 8 or 9 months ago it began to get too much for just little ol’ me and a huge chunk of my time was spent on what we will generalise as ‘admin’. There just wasn’t enough time to design, build and maintain websites. That’s when Chris joined Eldo Web Design. Chris was employed to help design and build our sites, to take the pressure off me and meant that this ‘admin’ wasn’t making us struggle to keep up with project deadlines and most importantly wasn’t affecting the quality of our work…

3 to 4 months later…

More clients to work with and you guessed it – more admin. As Chris plugs himself into the matrix each day, I have found that, once again, admin is taking up the majority of my day and I might only manage a couple of hours of coding… We need another body!! Not a developer this time, this needs someone that can tackle our admin…

Enter, Kelly! Starting next week, Kelly is our new Administrator and Marketer. Organising our admin, invoices, calls, setting up meetings and taking care of our social media, Google AdWords, WordPress admin, site testing. Basically, anything else we can offload onto her! An experienced office worker, I cannot wait to start sharing the load with Kelly and getting more time behind the screen coding.

Welcome aboard, Kelly!

Kelly, Eldo Web Design


Scott Eldo

Written by Scott Eldo

Director, Web Designer and Full Stack Developer. I started Eldo Web Design as a freelancer from a desk in my house. Now a small team building from our shiny office, would I change anything? Yes, I wish the team had better taste in music!

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