Lisa contacted me the beginning of May 2016. Protamino Nutrition is a brand new startup and they needed a professional logo, branding and website in a short period of time ready for an expo early June. The Northern Ireland company found us on Google from our post ‘Web Design Company based in (does it really matter)‘. Then the magic began…

The Branding

The logo and overall branding was the first task, the website would then fall nicely into place. Sleek, strong and encompassing their 4 main sport areas. The result –

There are a few variations of the logo, different layouts for different occasions, all in multi-formats for websites, banners, stationary etc. There is also a theme of colours for different sections/sports that can be explored in the future. It’s important to plan for the future (what we know of it!) and make sure that branding will last as long as it can/needs to.

We even made a cheeky little Christmas version at the clients request –

Christmas Logo

You may see the branding around your local supermarkets!

Protamino Branding


The Hosting

The domain was already purchased and we would always recommend buying the domain for your company asap. We are taking care of the teams hosting, have configured their domain and got them all set up with email accounts (yes we do that too!).

The Website

At this early stage the site is more of a ‘web presence’ and using a bespoke Eldo WordPress admin, the team can easily update their range of products and brands as and when needed. We’ve added some nice animation to help engage as the user scrolls through the longer home page.

The site is of course fully responsive. It still feels weird having to advertise that we only build responsive sites but realistically, if you don’t, you’re not building a site for for the modern web. It would be like building a house and only putting walls on one side – only some of its users will get a good experience!

Protamino Nutrition Web Design Hampshire

Protamino Nutrition Web Design Hampshire

We of course got all this sorted before Protamino Nutritions expo and they were all set to kickstart this exciting venture. We wish Lisa and the team all the best and look forward to working with them on the next phase of the site when things take off!

Check out the site

Scott Eldo

Written by Scott Eldo

Eldo was a teenage nickname and it stuck. Scott loves a challenge, hates not knowing how to do something and prides himself on his annoying desire to get everything just right. After building websites for well over a decade, he launched Eldo Web Design Full time, started growing the team and hasn't looked back since.