We now accept Card Payments, offer Hosting for your website and have a new Client Portal for a perfect website!
We now accept Card Payments, offer Hosting for your website and have a new Client Portal for a perfect website!
Scott and his team at Eldo Web Design are fantastic. This was the second website that I have asked them to build for my company, Trainer Bubble, which shows how much faith I have in them and their service. We are an internet only business and our website is the entire 'face' of our business, so having a site that both looks and works professionally is a must.
Eldo have nailed it every time.
They are very considerate to your needs and will design to your specification, but aren't scared to chirp in with observations and good ideas where they think they can improve things. Aside from the 'build' stage, what always impresses me most is the after care and support. Scott is always ready to step in when you have an issue and if something goes wrong (usually because I've messed up), he's extremely responsive and doesn't waste time in rolling up his sleeves and solving issues. I'd recommend them (and have) in a heartbeat.

Having redesigned and built the Trainer Bubble website a few years ago we were delighted when Andrew got in touch to tell us it was time for another overhaul!

Three years ago, we redesigned and built the site into an editable easy to manage online shop for Andrew to be able to grow the business into the future. We have made some ongoing tweaks over time but as the business grew and products changed it became time for a shakeup.

The site needed a more modern design, better navigation and needed to reflect the changes in materials now offered by the company.

A lot changes in three years and web standards have evolved, new technologies have appeared and there are new ways to make clients lives easier. It’s great when a client comes back to us to rebuild an older site we took part in. Bringing everything up to date and adding new ways to make things more straight forward and flexible for clients, is great fun.

This particular project took a lot of consideration to ensure that existing sales data, invoice setups, currency conversions etc, all remained intact. Sometimes a rebuild is actually far more arduous that a brand new website build.

It’s this due diligence that we take pride in here at Eldo Web Design, something we see lacking a lot in our industry, unfortunately.

The team at Trainer Bubble now have a modern, clean website that allows them to easily adapt to advertise new products, or entire sections of content.

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Director, Web Designer and Full Stack Developer. I started Eldo Web Design as a freelancer from a desk in my house. Now a small team building from our shiny office, would I change anything? Yes, I wish the team had better taste in music!

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