We now accept Card Payments, offer Hosting for your website and have a new Client Portal for a perfect website!
We now accept Card Payments, offer Hosting for your website and have a new Client Portal for a perfect website!
I selected Eldo from three local web design companies at similar price levels. I needed a very quick solution and felt that I always expect more than I receive from web companies so knew that getting this decision right was going to be really important. From the first email communication I could tell that they were efficient and on the ball but it wasn't till I met them that I understood just what a slick operation they are running. To be honest it made the selection very easy and I never regretted my choice even for a second.

They listened to my brief, asking all the right questions and were very happy to put forward their opinions and help me to understand what I could expect. Then they absolutely delivered on every point on time and on budget with a calm, organised, no fuss attitude and I felt in such safe hands.

The end result was a beautiful website that I am really proud of and after a quick training session with them, I also felt 100% confident about being able to manage it myself going forward as it is neat, organised and intuitive.

I honestly can't rate them highly enough and feel genuinely excited that there are companies like this out there and I found one.

Walking with Nomads is an exciting new project offering life changing experiences. As a new venture, the design and layouts were all left in our capable hands. Luckily we had a great logo to start with which gave us a great colour palette to play with.

The final site is extremely flexible allowing Walking with Nomads to easily adapt and grow the site as the business begins to mould and take shape over the coming months.

The site has every possible option they will need for the foreseeable future. To add a new FAQ, a blog post, a new page even, is quick, easy and will automatically look great.

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Director, Web Designer and Full Stack Developer. I started Eldo Web Design as a freelancer from a desk in my house. Now a small team building from our shiny office, would I change anything? Yes, I wish the team had better taste in music!

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