Website Design & Development Hampshire

Web Design & Development

It's what we do, really well.

We are dedicated to web design and development. Not a jack of all - master of none. We live and breathe the internet and all that comes with it. Your best interests are our priority. We don't charge you an hourly fee for five minutes tinkering, we treat you like we'd like to be treated... like a human. There's no ongoing fees and you own your site.

48 hours for any updates?! No, thank you! We build custom, editable websites so you have the power to update whenever, wherever (and easily too). A stunning, editable website isn't enough though. If your back-end isn't up to it, your website won't perform. SEO, bots, sitemaps... we know how to please you and the internet.

Take a look below at some of the parts that make up our websites -

Google & SEO Hampshire

Google & SEO

Making sure your site gets found.

The days of stuffing your website with keywords to get to the top are long gone. Google promotes well built, well structured and user friendly sites. That's how we roll, SEO from the first line of code and the very first pixel. Content is key but we give your site the best chance to thrive on the web.

>User Editable Sites Hampshire

User Editable Sites

Wordpress and CMS.

Wordpress is our weapon of choice for projects where you need complete control to grow and edit your site. No 'off the shelf, it might fit what you want' scenarios. We build bespoke themes and sites to fit yours and your users' needs. With the perfect custom admin area to boot.

Websites for all Devices Hampshire

Websites for all Devices

Phones and tablets and desktops, oh my...

The percentage of traffic from mobile devices and tablets continues to grow and for many sites, it outnumbers desktop users. We adhere modern web standards to ensure your site looks awesome and works perfectly across all modern web browsers on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and other hand-held devices.

Responsive Websites Hampshire

Responsive Websites

It's a modern web, don't fall behind.

Try it. Resize your web browser right now. There's no such thing as a 'standard size' screen anymore. Our responsive sites fit all screens sizes, perfectly, with no detrimental effect on user experience. If a website isn't responsive, it's not going to perform.

The team at Eldo Web Design has created an amazing website for us. The team was most professional in its approach, attending to all our requirements diligently and never hesitated in making any changes where required... Read More
E-Commerce and Online Shops Hampshire

E-Commerce and Online Shops

"Get your pixels here, only £2 a bag!"

Whether you have physical products to be shipped, digital products to be downloaded or just selling a piece of advice. We build you a secure, user friendly and fast e-commerce sites. We work with Woocommerce and Shopify and will build you the ultimate selling machine.

Personal Sites and Blogs Hampshire

Personal Sites and Blogs

Wear your heart on your website.

We've built personal sites for bloggers, authors, travellers, tv personalities, musicians, fishing gurus, life coaches and anyone who needs one (within reason!). We love getting to know you, your brand, and help you keep it personal with your users.

Social Networking Hampshire

Social Networking

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and pals.

No site is complete without its sidekick of social networking sites. We integrate your social feeds directly into your site to help grow your likes and followers. We don't stop there, we make sure that when your pages are shared on the web, they look great and beg to be clicked.

Animations Hampshire


Interactivity and fancy things.

Using the latest web technologies, we produce great animations, interactive elements and tidbits to make your site look stunning and keep your users engrossed. We call it 'adding the fancy' and it helps set you apart from the rest.

Newsletters and Community Hampshire

Newsletters and Community

Making your message pop.

Newsletters are an amazingly powerful tool, it's all about keeping connected with your users. We design and build your newsletter campaigns and integrate them directly into your site. You should subscribe to our latest news down in the footer! That was cheeky, eh?

Website Hosting Hampshire

Website Hosting and Domains

Every website needs a home.

We use the awesome team over at Siteground for our Web Hosting. Most of our clients now use them too. Fast, secure and they have amazing support. We can take care of setting everything up and making sure you get the right package for your project.

Branding and Logos Hampshire

Branding & Logos

Identity, colours and fonts.

We love designing and building websites, equally we love creating, building and growing brands. Poor branding will undo any hard work on an amazing website. Your brand has to be strong and carried on through everything you do. Your clients expect excellence in your services and work and any sloppy marketing or confusing logo will change their perception or your offerings from good to bad, quickly.

Google & SEO Hampshire


First impressions are everything.

Your logo is one of the first things users and clients experience when coming into contact with your brand. Your logo needs to represent your visions, ethics, values and quality. We make sure we get all that into one icon... Magic? Maybe.

>User Editable Sites Hampshire

Brand Guidelines

No one puts baby in the corner.

Your brand identity is your voice. How your brand is displayed on the web and in print reflects your integrity as a company or individual. We provide strict guidelines for logos, fonts and colours to ensure that whatever is out there, is on brand.
Take a look at a sample Here

Google & SEO Hampshire

Marketing Material

When Pixels turn to ink.

Once you have the perfect logo and branding we will deliver clear and focussed marketing materials to wow your clients. Whether its stationery, flyers, brochures or business cards. You name it... We'll ensure it's on brand and converts.

Starting a new business can be daunting enough without the worry of creating a website and logo. Eldo Web Design understood exactly my needs and created our website and logo which I am thrilled with... Read More
Don't sell me! Web Design Prices Web Design Prices

You shouldn't have to sell your Granny (not that we'd judge you if you did!)

When it comes to costs, we have a "let's talk about it" attitude.

We don't have a price list and no, you can't order the generic "silver or gold package". We do what is right for your project, at a price that is right for all involved.
The best thing to do is get in touch and let us know what you're thinking. We're extremely transparent and will let you know what costs what.
Depending on your needs, timescales and size of your project - we can always work something out.